can pregnant lady eat salted egg? [Is salted duck egg good for pregnancy]

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Not every food is good for eating for everyone and in all conditions. When it comes to pregnancy, a lot of food can help the mother and keep the baby healthy and growing. But there are also certain foods and particular food groups that women should consume in limit amount or simply avoid when pregnant. So, can pregnant lady eat salted egg? Can expectant mothers eat salted duck eggs? If you are have uncertainty over whether or not to eat salted eggs, this article is for you.

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Is salted duck egg for pregnant women good?

Is salted egg healthy food? A duck egg is rich in fat, protein, amino acid, vitamins and some elements like calcium, iron. Most Americans eat duck eggs as part of their breakfasts because they are rich in these easy-to-absorb nutrients.

You want to know why the duck eggs must be salted? Despite having a high nutritional value, a duck egg has some fishy smell that is pretty disturbing to certain people. One of the best way to kick out the strong fish-like odor is to salt the egg.

Both unsalted and salted boiled duck eggs are useful in human body. For example, a salted boiled duck egg can cure diarrhea and also improve your eyes’ sight. So, should you serve a salted duck egg for pregnant women?

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Can pregnant lady eat salted egg?

So is it allowed or forbidden to eat salted eggs while pregnant? Although too much salt isn’t good during pregnancy. But Yes, with pregnancy you can consume salted eggs only in moderation. The salted duck eggs is a nutritious food and would not make your little baby to smell fishy, as some mothers believe.

However, you are one of the pregnant women craving for salted eggs. You should only eat the salted duck eggs in limited quantity. Simply, pregnant women should take a little portion to quench the cravings and avoid eating too much of the salted duck eggs.

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Can pregnant women eat salted duck eggs?

Not all the time. Too much salted eggs bring harmful effects on the pregnant lady’s health and the developing fetus. If you are pregnant, and must eat the salted egg, avoid the commercial ones, as they got too much sodium.

Overall, excess salt is bad. A salted egg contains about 10 grams of sodium, which far exceeds the daily salt intake of 5 to 8 grams, for human being.

You can make salted eggs at home. When preparing the home made duck’s egg, make it less salty. The good news is, the egg’s nutritional values do not drop or depend on the amount of salt added to it.

Can pregnant lady eat salted egg? Can pregnant woman eat salted duck eggs?


Disadvantages of eating much salted eggs while pregnant

If you are pregnant and want to enjoy your fried pumpkin with salted duck eggs, consider the following downsides.

1. Risk of high blood pressure while pregnant

Much consumption of salted eggs is not good friendly with high blood pressure level. Don’t forget that your blood pressure might already be going up due to the pregnancy. Just an additional craving for the salted eggs can skyrocket the BP level and lead to hypertension while pregnant. Too bad!

2. High water retention during pregnancy

Taking in so much salt increases your water retention. This makes people to feel more thirsty, and would drink much water. Pregnant ladies should look out for water retention levels because it can weigh the kidney. In doubts, she should just eat the salted eggs in moderation.

3. Salted egg with drugs can cause cancer

If you are taking antipyretic and analgesic drugs, and you eat salted suck eggs, it might cause cancer. The salted duck egg contains a little quantity of nitroso compounds which can combine with aminopyrine inside the drug to form cancer causing agents like carcinogenic nitrosamine.

4. Risk of heart diseases

The duck egg has a moderately higher cholesterol content. So pregnant ladies with cardiovascular disease, kidney and liver related problems should do their best to reduce eating salted duck eggs.

5. Salted eggs have high sodium

Salted duck eggs has much sodium. High salt is not suitable for female patients with high blood pressure, and diabetes.

6. Edema in pregnant women

Eating salted duck eggs can lead to high edema in pregnant women. This condition reduces effective blood circulation in the woman’s body.  If by any means, the blood supply to the fetus decreases, that is going to cause fetal hypoxia in the lady’s uterus. This significant regards child’s growth and development and placental ischemia.

A hot salted egg yolk can burn pregnant women.

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Eat salted egg or century egg?

Can pregnant lady eat century egg or salted duck egg? Should we say pregnant can eat salted egg or century egg?  Yes. If an expectant mother has craving for boiled salted egg or century egg, she can eat less to avoid salt accumulation.

However, both the salted eggs and the century eggs are extremely unhealthy food though they are rich in fat. It is best to avoid them or just get a few pieces to satisfy your craving.

Beware, both salted duck eggs and the century egg have high cholesterol, and sodium levels. My advice is that expectant mothers should do their best to avoid eating them and prevent edema on pregnant ladies.


Best food for pregnancy health

Diet and pregnancy is one thing that doctor and midwife recommend every child-bearing woman should make as a matter of priority.

  • Nuts
  • chicken,
  • fish,
  • eggs,
  • pasteurized milk products
  • fruits and vegetables
  • home-made less salted duck eggs

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Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Some foods are bad for pregnant women. They can cause complication that will lead to miscarriage.

  1. Avoid foods like mayonnaise made using raw eggs. Cooks all your non-hen eggs like the duck or quail eggs.
  2. During pregnancy, avoid raw or undercooked meat because it can cause infections like toxoplasmosis. This infection can increase the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth. It is best to cook your burgers until there is no blood or pinkness.
  3. Avoid certain types of fish like shark, swordfish. They may contain high levels of mercury – poisonous substance.
  4. Reduce eating tuna and oily fish. You can limit them to a few serving per week.
  5. Avoid hastily cooked shellfish like lobster. Raw shellfish contain bacteria.
  6. Avoid unfrozen Sushi meals. If the Sushi is not frozen before preparation, it likely contains bacteria.
  7. Don’t take unpasteurized dairy products.
  8. Consuming caffeine while pregnant can cause newborn babies to weigh less. Substitute caffeine for herbal green tea.
  9. To be safer while pregnant, don’t take alcohol even in the slightest amount.
  10. Don’t serve heavily salted duck egg for pregnant women.

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Can a pregnant woman eat salted duck egg? FAQs


Is salted duck egg safe for pregnant women?

Yes. Duck egg is safe for a pregnant woman when the egg is cooked until the egg white and the egg yolk are booth solid. Raw duck egg is not good for an expectant mother.


Can you eat dried egg when pregnant?

Dried or powdered egg, liquid egg white, frozen omelets are egg products. As long as the eggs are pasteurized and spiced with little salt, a pregnant woman can consume it. Mayonnaise you buy from local grocery stores is made with pasteurized eggs, but it is not very safe to eat when pregnant due to high sodium salt content.


Is salted egg healthy?

Yes, salted egg contain enough vitamin E which works to improve your skin health. You get bright and smooth skin when you’re consuming vitamin E regularly. The vitamin E inside the salted egg help to prevent some skin problems including fungi, rashes and skin irritation.


Is salted egg toxic?

Not really. It is just that egg diets containing high amounts of salts due to food preserved or pickling, has increased risk of cancers, high blood pressure and diabetes. You can only eat these salt-preserved foods in moderation.


can a pregnant woman lady eat salted vegetable?

I see vegetable mentioned in the list, so, can pregnant woman ladies eat salted vegetable? It depends on the salt contain. High salted vegetables should be avoided because high sodium can let to hypertension, kidney issues and other blood circulating complications.


Is it ok to take salted egg breastfeeding?

Can breastfeeding mum eat salted egg? Eggs are really good for pregnancy and breastfeeding mummies because they are high in proteins. The long-chain omega-4 is a healthy fat for both pregnant moms and breastfeeding mothers, including their babies.

However, it is better to limit or avoid eating too much salted eggs if you are a breastfeeding mummy. Salted foods can greatly affect breast milk production(lactation). Moreover, high salt content in the egg can cause heart diseases and raise your blood pressure levels.


is red egg safe for pregnant ladies?

Is red egg safe for pregnant moms? Red eggs are eggs laid by hens which have been vaccinated against salmonella. The egg has a Red Lion mark on it. The eggs produced under the Lion Code of practice are safe for pregnant women to eat. Vaccination has reduce risk of salmonella.


What eggs can you not eat when pregnant?

If you expect a newborn baby, don’t eat raw and partially cooked eggs.  Partially boiled eggs have risk of salmonella and unless the flocks have been vaccinated, a pregnant woman should not eat it.


Is preserved eggs safe for pregnancy?

All pregnant women should avoid eating century eggs because they are high in cholesterol. Because they add not other value to the pregnancy health than other others, pregnant mothers should not eat preserved eggs. Even after birth, women should avoid eating preserved eggs as the high cholesterol as they can render your immunity weak and slow after-birth recovery process.


Can I eat 3 eggs a day during pregnancy?

Absolutely yes, a pregnant lady can consume 3 properly cooked eggs per day without a problem. Because they are a nutritious food, you can include them in healthy balance diet. To the eggs, also add vegetables, fruits and whole grains too.


Is duck’s egg good for pregnancy?

Raw or uncooked duck’s egg is not good for pregnancy. Women should avoid them. Even if it is quail or goose egg, avoid if not well boiled, because poorly cooked eggs have the risk of salmonella.


Is boiled egg good for conceiving?

YES, eggs boost fertility. Eggs are foods loaded with vitamins B12, Vitamin E and healthy fat – omega -3 fatty acids. These nutrients make eggs among the most effective foods that promote fertility in women.

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