Can pregnant women take theraflu? Pregnancy health check 2023

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 A woman’s body is more susceptible to many illnesses when she is pregnant than you can imagine. Several changes take place the moment you get pregnant. For example, you immune system has to lower it’s defences system to accommodate the feutus.

Again, the uterus has to enlarge to carry the baby and the bone density has to drop to provide calcium for the little child in the womb. I can’t forget the usual stress pregnant ladies encounter every now and then, when their lungs and heart work so tirelessly to deliver oxygen to both the mom and the baby.

Especially if the expectant mother has had severe health complications, it is likely that more diseases would add during pregnancy.

Illnesses like pneumonia can potentially cause  pregnancy loss, premature birth, and poor feutus development. Now, if you got flu during pregnancy, then can pregnant women take Theraflu? Is it ok to take Theraflu while pregnant?

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Can pregnant women take Theraflu?

Can pregnant ladies take Theraflu?
If you have high blood pressure, You shouldn’t take Theraflu when pregnant.
Treating cold during pregnancy with specialist medicine is actually not recommended by doctors in some cases of cold and flu. Since there are many varieties of Theraflu, you can’t just pick any of such drugs and use it to relief flu during pregnancy.

Pregnant women are therefore highly advised to consult their doctors if they should take Theraflu to cure cold and flu or not. The risk is that, without proper health check, taking some Theraflu drugs  while pregnant can likely damage the liver.

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How do you know you got flu while pregnant?

What is the secret to identifying flu symptoms during pregnancy? Some women experience slow or mild signs of cold when they have conceive. Other ladies, especially the one who got pregnant for the first time, show sudden appearance of cold and flu symptom.

Before you try to get rid of flue when pregnant, master these symptoms first in addition to usual running nose and blocked nostril, bronchitis or pneumonia.

  • Fever ( that does not respond to medicine)
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty to breath – shortness of breath
  • General fatigue
  • Dry Coughing
  • Diarrhea
  • Soar throat
  • Stress – dizziness, tiredness , general body weakness

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What cold medicine can pregnant women take then?

What can a pregnant woman with flu  and cartaarh take? There are a lot of pregnancy safe cold and flue medications from the nearby hospitals and pharmacy. The  most common is the paracetamol[source]

When you get tested positive for cold and flu,  receive treatment. Antiviral medications can help but you should meet a health specialists to diagnose and administer the right flu medicine based on your current health conditions.

There are flu jab or flu vaccines. CDC recommendations Flu vaccines to pregnant ladies as it is safer. You can take the vaccine to prevent the flu viruses every year.

Is the flu harmful to a fetus?

Does flue affect feutus?According to Washington state department of health, If a woman gets the flu while pregnant, serious problems like premature labor and birth defects can happen to the feutus in her womb.

Pregnant pregnant women with the flu virus may suffer premature labor , and the unborn child can undergo poor development or suffer birth defects.

Again, Flu is also dangerous for unborn and newborn babies as pneumonia and blood infections.

The flu vaccine could be the best protection against the flu for a woman and and her baby, especially if she does no have high blood or hypertension.

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Is Theraflu a Safe medicine To Take  With Pregnancy?

Theraflu is not very safe for pregnant women with high blood pressure and complicated health reports. From what I have heard from healthcare experts, TheraFlu is a special medicine or the over-the-counter medication. Many people with running nostrils  purchase without a prescription.

The Theraflu, according to some people who have used it,  works well for pain relief. May be it contains paracetamol, which is generally known to be less invasive.  For someone with no previous hypertension, Theraflu works good at easing stuffiness in your nosal cavity.

The best way to prevent flu is to take flu vaccines or flu shots yearly. According to Washington department of health and CDC Flu vaccines are very safe for pregnant women.

How to cure flu naturally while pregnant?

There are ways to stop or prevent flu in pregnancy.  The flowing  are some of the best natural flu remedies prevention tacticse for pregnant female adults.

Take natural honey  to relieve sore throats and coughs.

Enjoy plenty of bed rest to ease tiredness, and fatigue

Drink lots of fluids, -water, fruit juice

Make a few drops of warm salted water into your nostrils   to ease  nasal congestion.

If you lack an appetite, try fruits and vegetables to retain your nutritional intake[WebMD]

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