How To Make Chavela Recipe In 2023 ( A Tasty Refreshing Mexican Drink For Summer)

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You got a savoring taste for a Mexican beer cocktail drink served fresh and cold in warm days? Chavela is one of the most cherished version of Mexican prepared beer(Cerveza preparada). Like Chelada and Michelada, people love to take Chavela chilled and refreshing during the weeks of summer. This article explores how to make chavela recipe – a refreshing Mexican drink for the sunny days.


What is Chavela?

Chavela is a Mexican bloody-color beer-based beverage which dates back to 1940s. Traditionally, people use light Mexican beer, and other fruits and vegetable juice. People in the United states often call it the red beer or the red rooster.

The overall lager flavor of this Bloody Mary drink makes it an extremely satisfying combination with most Mexican dishes. Think of sea foods like ceviche, crab boils, fish tacos and shrimp.

Chavela itself is specifically another twist on a Michelada, with a difference. I will show you what is the difference between Michelada and a Chavela at the end of this article.

I guess you are probably hungry for a Chavela drink with shrimp. Before we get started with how to make a super chavela recipe, let us look at the Chavela recipe ingredients first.


How To Make A Chavela Drink – Ingredients

Here are things you need to make your best chavela recipe a success.

  • Fruit wedge – Lemon or lime for garnish
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • 3 oz Fresh Tomato juice
  • Cold ice cube
  • 8-12 oz Mexican Lager beer ( I love Modelo)
  • Coarse salt – (sriracha, Tajin, or any sea salt)
  • 1 oz Tequila
  • Hot sauce
how to make chevela refreshing drink
Tajín Clásico Chile Lime Seasoning Rimmer 4.23 oz


How to make Chavela recipe – Quick Steps

Lets us snow see how to mix a Chavela

Step 1:

  • Pour out some Tajin salt on a plate
  • Pick up the fruit wedge(lemon wedge) and rub it around the rim of your glass cup.
  • Turn the glass upside down and dip its rim into the Tajin salt for coating.
  • Keep the glass aside


Step 2

  • Fill it with tomato juice
  • Add few dashes of hot sauce
  • Drop some cold ice into the glass, if the beer or the tomato juice is not very chilled
  • Stir these combined ingredients carefully until the mixture looks uniform.


Step 3

  • Pour your Mexican light beer into the mixture. Make sure you fill it to the brim, with your Modelo drink, without making it overflow.
  • Add a splash of tequila if you see it worthy.
  • Also add a lemon or lime wedge into the prepared drink to garnish



Video How to Prepare a Chavela beer

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A note on Chavela Preparation

The tomato juice should have good quality. Organic tomato is healthier, and depending on your taste and diet plan, you can season it with a pinch of salt.

The beer should entirely be Mexican, unless you wanna try something new. A light-bodied brewed beer like the Modelo is a good option. Such a golden lager beer has some effervescence.

The Fruit wedge will help wet the glass and serve as garnish. Choose a hot sauce brand of you like, at least, it would help to season your refreshing cocktail. The Tomato water, and the lemon juice both is an excellent complement to the carbonated drink.

Finally. Tequila like Blanco is a wonderful addition, but it is completely an option to serve it. The little idea of adding a splash of hot sauce and a shot of tequila helps to add a bit of complexity to the taste.



When to serve Chavela

Chavela is light beer indeed, but fewer filling as compared to other drinks. It best served cold, or chilled, during the hot sunny days.

It would go perfectly with sea food meals, but you can take it with any spicy Mexican food dishes you like. It is particularly the best choice to people who don’t like heavy drinking of alcohol, which makes them go tipsy.

Offer it to an adult who’s not a big beer drinker and they would never forget you for this unusual beverage beer. A tasty and refreshing Chavela beer is nice to be served in your backyard anyway, any day, any time, especially in warm seasons.

how to make chavela recipe - A favorite tasty and refreshing mexican beer. What are the health benefits or nutritional facts of Chavela?
Img: What are the health benefits or nutritional facts of Chavela drink?



Is Chavela a healthy drink?

YES. Chavela is a wonderful drink for a cocktail with Tequila and beer. Chavela drink Modelo does not only contain small amount of beer, but also rich in energy, carbohydrate, and sodium. Combining tomato juice, Mexican lager beer and organic lime juice is good for your health.

Chavela Nutritional facts:

Let us look at the nutritional information of this Mexican beer-based beverage drink.  One serving of Chavela contains about:

  • Calories : 300-400
  • Sodium : up to 2grams
  • Carbohydrate : 30-50g
  • Fat : 1g
  • Fiber : 5-10g
  • Sugar : 8-10g
  • Protein : < 10 gram
  • No cholesterol
  • No saturated fat


how to make a chavela with modelo and clamato tomato cocktail drink
Clamato Original Tomato Cocktail, 1 L bottles (Pack of 6)


Is Chavela a good drink after fitness exercises?

YES. This beer beverage drink is super refreshing and rich in nutrients. If you like fitness workouts or sports, I can recommend Chavela as a pre-game drink. The healthy nutrients and , high energy(calorie) content makes it a better drink before and after fitness activities( cardio workout or strength training).


Is Chavela drink a good for high blood pressure patients?

There is much sodium in the serving, which can be a lot more than the recommended amount allowed for people with high blood pressure.

Reduce the quantity of the salt you add in preparing the Chavela if you have hypertension. If you cut down on the salt, combined with zero cholesterol in the serving, I would say Chavela makes one of the best drinks for high blood pressure lowering.


What is the difference between a Chavela and Michelada recipe?

If you want to know how Chavela is different from Michelada, here is it.

Like Michelada, Chavela is more of a classic prepared beer(cerveza preparada) but there is a little difference between the two beer cocktails.

Preparing Chavela is far simpler and easier than making Michelada. Chavela recipe ingredients are just fewer.

Chavela is a light cocktail with tequila and beer, particularly golden crisp lager (cerveza clara) while Michelada cocktail is mixed with dark color lager (cerveza obscura).

Meanwhile Michelada is not served (although it’s optional) with a shot of tequila like Chavela.

Again, a real Michelada drink does not include tomato juice as Chavela lime and salt drink does. However, there are some variations. People make a classic Michelada with tomato juice based beer, a Tajin rim and Tabasco sauce.

How did you home made Chavela taste? Share with us any experiences you got. Use the comment form below.

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