Popeyes Breakfast Hours and Menu Prices 2023 (Don’t Miss A Delicious breakfast for the day)

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You are probably wondering – does Popeyes have breakfast? Yes, they do. When it comes to delicious food, Popeyes is always at the top of the list. Thus, whether you want breakfast, lunch, or dinner, make a quick decision to eat at Popeyes Louisiana cooking. Popeyes will not trouble you. It would rather make you feel energized with a dose of healthy breakfast if you desire a refreshing and good start to the day.

Does Popeyes have breakfast? You may be wondering the answer to this question. Of course, Popeyes now offers breakfast. Popeyes breakfast hours are from about 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Go through this article to know more about Popeyes breakfast menu, Popeyes breakfast menu prices, and Popeyes breakfast location.

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Does Popeyes have breakfast?

Yes! Popeyes now offers a high-quality breakfast alternative for customers who don’t want to get their hands filthy in the kitchen before the day even gets going. Popeye’s is the best option if you need to get to work or college but haven’t had breakfast.

We are one of the fastest food service businesses in the entire world, so you can have your favorite breakfast in no time. Spend less time by ordering your favorite breakfast or picking it up at the nearby franchise.


A little history about Popeyes restaurant

history of Popeyes restaurant Chains serving breakfast

An American global chain of fried chicken fast-food restaurants that specialized in offering chicken food items is called Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. (Popeyes). Al Copeland established it in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1972.

The network, which has its headquarters in Miami, Florida, runs about 3100 eateries throughout Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, 46 other states, and numerous countries, approximately 30.

Red beans and rice, Cajun fries, mashed potatoes with Cajun-style gravy, Cajun rice, macaroni and cheese, biscuits, and coleslaw are just a few of the sides available at Popeyes.

They also serve chicken dishes in moderate and spicy styles. Along with fried turducken sandwiches, fish and shrimp entrées, trans-fat-free biscuits, waffle battered chicken strips, and many other dishes are available at Popeyes in addition to chicken.

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Popeye breakfast menu

Here is a list of everything on the morning menu at Popeyes that you may order to start your day off right. However, it has been shown that Popeyes breakfast is one of the energizing meal selections that will support your body in remaining alert and energized.

The breakfast menu at Popeyes is of exceptional quality and taste. The following items are included in it:

  1. Chicken biscuit sandwich

The chicken biscuit sandwich is among Popeyes’ army of salivating customers’ favorite breakfast dishes. A crispy golden-brown chicken breast covered with sweet honey butter and sandwiched between two crackly biscuits makes up this delicious monochromatic product.

With mild, spongy resistance, the degree of crispiness is exactly appropriate for a biscuit. When you bite into your sandwich, the flavor of the fragrant interior and the satisfyingly crisp exterior will wash over you.

  1. Popeyes buttermilk biscuits

Buttermilk biscuits from Popeye have a texture similar to both pancakes and biscuits with a distinct salty butter flavor. The iconic buttermilk biscuits from Popeyes have a crusty surface and a soft, pillowy interior that melts in your mouth.

The Popeye’s biscuits are delicious buttery, crispy and flaky. The biscuots has a nicer soft, pillowy crumb on the inside part. If you go to Los Angeles, you’ ll find the biscuits are copped a KFC and sold two for $1. Although they are a little salty, they taste very good in the mouth.

The crunchy fried chicken from Popeyes is often served with biscuits for the complete Popeyes experience. The buttery flavor also evokes memories of traditional cuisine.

  1. Popeyes grits

Popeyes grits are a good option for anyone who dislikes eating a large breakfast because it makes them feel less energized. Popeyes grits are the best breakfast choice if you want to keep it light and healthy.

Grits are a low-calorie breakfast alternative made from hominy that is also a wonderful choice for clients who are watching their calorie intake.

  1. Breakfast wraps

Popeyes makes warm, cheesy wraps that are expertly made by hand. Red beans, veggies, rice, and a golden, crispy chicken breast are all folded into a warm tortilla for the wrap. In contrast to conventional wraps, Popeyes morning wraps employ red beans and rice to mellow the flavor rather than lettuce or tomatoes.

  1. Cinnamon Apple pie

Popeyes’ apple pie is superior to all other pies you have ever had because of the warm, crunchy, and flaky crust that is loaded with actual apple pieces and hot cinnamon apple ecstasy.

The apple chunks almost have a natural taste; there is no trace of artificiality or roughness. After one attempt, your only wish will be to say, “I want it again.”

  1. Blueberry ‘n cream cheese turnover

With the addition of this Blueberry and Cream Cheese turnover, Popeyes sweetens up its breakfast menu. The blueberry puree and cream cheese in the turnover-style pie give the impression that you have entered heaven, where all the pie are nestled inside the deep-fried, bubbling turnover-style crust.


Popeyes breakfast menu prices

Popeyes breakfast menu with prices

With costs that are lower than other eateries, this quick food establishment will never let you down. The costs vary depending on the menu; for example, chicken dishes can cost anywhere between $12 and $37. The cost of the wrap, however, ranges from $1.99 to $4.99.

The shrimp Po Boy is an additional option and costs $6.99. In addition, Popeye’s provides food with catering for various groups according to the number of guests. For instance, you can arrange catering for a gathering of 20 people or 100 people. For a gathering of 100 people, the catering meal is about $489.

Here are the yummy popeyes breakfast menu prices.

Table: Popeyes breakfast menu with prices

8pcs Chicken meal(1 slide + 4 biscuits)$17.99
12 pcs chicken$18.99
16 pcs chicken meal(3 slides + 8 biscuits)$37.99
Loaded chicken wrap combo$4.99
Shrimp PO’Boy$4.19
Medium soft drink$2.29
½ gallon Tea(iced)$2.99
1 piece Popeyes biscuit$0.79


Popeyes Breakfast Hours

Popeyes breakfast time : 6:30AM – 10:30AM

You want to enjoy the mouth-watering, delicious and high quality chicken breakfast at one of the Popeyes outlets, order or come within the Popeyes breakfast hours. The Popeyes opens during the weekdays and weekends, in the morning and starts serving breakfast menu from 06:30 AM until 10:30 AM.

Popeyes breakfast hours table.

Day               Opening Time         Closing Time
Monday    06:30 AM                    10:30 AM
Tuesday    06:30 AM                    10:30 AM
Wednesday    06:30 AM                    10:30 AM
Thursday    06:30 AM                    10:30 AM
Friday    06:30 AM                    10:30 AM
Saturday    06:30 AM                    10:30 AM
Sunday    06:30 AM                    10:30 AM


What time does Popeyes start serving chicken?

Popeyes breakfast opening time: 6:30AM Monday to friday and weekends

Popeyes service time starts from 6 :30AM and end at 11 :00PM. This means their operation runs for 16-17 hours per day. In this time, most of the Popeyes restaurant chains would serve you chicken sandwich for breakfast and any other delicious menu you want for the day.When does Popeyes stop serving breakfast?

Popeyes breakfast closing time: 10:30AM on wekdays and weekends

Popeyes, like other restaurants, don’t serve breakfast all-day long. The restaurant usually starts at 6:30AM to serve variety of breakfast and close at 10:30 when lunch starts.

Popeyes breakfast weekend hours

Nothing changes much on the weekends (Saturday  and Sunday) from the time they serve on the weekdays. On Saturday and Sundays, Popeyes still serve their high quality chicken breakfast in the  morning from 06:00 AM to 10:30 AM.

Popeyes breakfast serving times on holidays

Popeyes holiday hours? Popeyes restaurant Chain maintain regular hours of of 06:00 AM to 10:30 AM of serving breakfast, on the following federal holidays.

  • New year day
  • President’s day
  • Good Friday
  • Martin Luther king day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Independence day
  • Memorial day
  • Veterans day
  • Labor day
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas day
  • Christmas eve
  • New Year eve



Popeyes breakfast locations

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., is also called Popeyes. It was formerly called Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits and Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuit.

It is an American multinational chain of fast-food restaurants serving fried chicken that was established in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana, and has its corporate headquarters. Now, Restaurant Brands International, found in Toronto, is the owner of this subsidiary.

In more than 46 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and 30 other countries as of 2020, Popeyes had 3,451 restaurants. The corporation has about 50 locations; the great majority are franchised.

Popeyes breakfast menu near me

As of August 15, 2022, there are 2,830 Popeyes restaurants throughout the country. With 396 sites or 13% of all Popeyes locations in the US, Texas is the state with the most Popeyes restaurants.

The 10 top states with the most Popeyes locations are;

States/ TerritoryNumber of locations
New York191
New Jersey92


The number of locations dépends much on the States population. What is surprising is that there are 49 US States and Territories with Popeyes locations. But there are 7 US States and Territories without any Popeyes locations. There are;

  • Puerto Rico
  • Vermont
  • Wyoming
  • American Samoa
  • Guam
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • The Northern Mariana Islands

Popeyes breakfast Louisiana

In 1976, Popeyes opened its first franchise restaurant in Louisiana. It was a taste sensation that first came up in New Orleans, Louisiana, fifty years ago.

It started as one little restaurant and its great idea spread across the country and around the globe. There are 149 Popeyes restaurants located in Louisiana. Louisiana has an estimated population of about 4.65 million people.

Other Breakfast times


Wrap up + FAQs

There’s no reason not to give Popeyes a try since you can find one with Popeyes hours close to your home, school, or office. Popeyes is a great place to eat breakfast. All locations have reasonable costs, and their PO boy offers something unique.

Popeye’s breakfast hours also vary depending on the location. Their menu prices are also very affordable depending on the dish. The Popeye’s chicken dishes can cost anywhere between $12 and $37.

Does Popeyes serve breakfast all day long?

The answer is no, Popeyes Chicken does not offer breakfast all day. They serve breakfast only at the Popeyes Chicken Breakfast Time.  They don’t provide breakfast the clock ticks 10:30AM in the morning.

Are Popeyes sausage biscuits?

A Popeyes Sausage Biscuit contains 540 calories. 60% of those calories are made up primarily of fat.

Does Popeyes have egg in their chicken?

Popeyes has vowed to use only cage-free eggs in all of its products, including whole eggs, liquid eggs, egg products, and egg additives. By the end of 2025, the company pledges to use only cage-free eggs in all corporate-run and franchisee-operated restaurants in Canada.

What is the new Popeyes deal?

Popeyes is currently offering a new deal for only $6. According to Thrillist, the chain serving cajun fried chicken has brought back the IDK Meal to restaurants all over the country.

On July 19, the deal went on sale. It was developed as a solution for people who struggle to decide what to eat and provides customers a Premium Classic Lemonade or Strawberry Lemonade (either chilled or frozen) with a Chicken Sandwich for just $6.

Vice President of the chain Amy Alarcon came up with the match. According to the newspaper, Alarcon claims that it fulfills all the requirements that keep Popeyes customers coming back for more: savory, juicy, salty, hot, and crunchy chicken with a sweet, sour, cold, and fruity lemonade.

What time does Popeyes lock?

Popeyes’ business hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Monday to Friday, in many locations. The operating hours that start the weekend are often the same. This indicates that Popeyes is open on Saturday from 10 AM to 12 AM as well.

Popeyes stores often lock their doors to customers an hour earlier than usual, at 11 PM, on Sundays during regular business hours (10 AM). In conclusion, Popeyes is open from Monday to Sunday from 10 AM to midnight, except for Sunday when it is open an hour earlier.

These Popeyes hours are generally consistent and may vary by an hour or two, but they are not guaranteed to apply to your specific location. For example, several stores close at 11 PM every night while others can be open as late as 1:00 AM.

How many calories is Popeyes chicken sanndwish?

Each Popeyes chicken sandwich contains up to 690 calories, 42g of fat. If it breakfast menu item is the spicy Popeyes chicken sandwich, you get up to 700 calories.

Is Popeyes selling chicken for 59 cents?

On Popeye’s 50th anniversary, the business gifted their customers a 59-cent chicken deal. The deal started from June 19 and was only available for Popeyes customers who order online or using the Popeyes app. To take advantage of the 59 cent deal,  $5 is the minimum requirement on the pickup order.

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